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Featured Products:


Partner:  DotSoft

Imports the contents of PDF files into AutoCAD as polylines, text and images.

AcadDecke (prefabricated reinforced concrete slab)

Partner:  IDAT GmbH

Complete package for prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs.


Partner:  CAD-PLAN GmbH

ATHENA is the leading 2D/3D AutoCAD® application for curtain wall and facade design.


Partner:  Transoft Solutions Inc.

GuidSIGN is an AutoCAD® based roadway and highway sign design software.


Partner:  kubit GmbH

PointCloud supports the visualisation and analysis of laser scanner 3D points in AutoCAD® environment.

SAP PLM Direct Integration for Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor

Partner:  CIDEON Software GmbH

SAP PLM Direct Integration for AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor®. No additional PDM system required.


Partner:  Exactal Pty Ltd

CostX® is an on-screen 2D & 3D/BIM measurement and estimating program for the construction industry.